Chicks Day 2

So my husband went down to feed the chickens this morning while I was at work and managed to get photographic evidence of both Molly's chicks! So there are definitely two! It's not brilliant to get only 2 from 12 eggs but everyone has struggled to hatch eggs this year for some reason. Molly is... Continue Reading →

Many great works 

A massive day of works at the allotment today! We went down fairly early, determined to make serious inroads into the weeds and to sort out the mite problem plaguing the coop. Whilst the hubby fed the chickens (a difficult task when they always get under your feet and try to climb into the food... Continue Reading →

Hurray for Molly!

This was so exciting, I thought this warranted an separate post! Molly's eggs have reached their due date and we have two beautiful Welsummer chicks! It's lovely to see Molly's hard work pay off and she looks like she will be an excellent mum.  We are still down on chicks as none of Polly's hatched... Continue Reading →

Wail for quail

Walked down to the allotment this morning to find our remaining two quail have died overnight.  So ends our flock of quail.  I spent some time cleaning out the quail coop and drowning it in anti-mite spray to make sure it is clear ready for quail in the future. It look a good while to... Continue Reading →

Revenge of the mites

My long-suffering other half popped down to the allotment this morning to find that the mites were back with avengence. So there is tomorrow mornings jobs - dust the chickens and totally redo the nest box with anti-mite spray, yet again.  I am going to have a good long search more more effective anti-mite solutions... Continue Reading →

A dirth of chicks 

Sadly we have to concede defeat on Polly's eggs. Several days overdue, she was still stubbornly sitting on them. She has been an excellent broody and hopefully next year she will be able to hatch her own chicks. In the meantime, Geoff has put her back in with the other chickens whilst we hope that... Continue Reading →

Come on Polly!

Popped down after work to check on Polly. Here she is. No signs of chicks yet. If nothing happens by tomorrow we are unlikely to get any despite Polly's excellent work

Bee updates!

Being Sunday, it was hive inspection day! Phil was back, dosed up on painkillers due to his back injury and was put in charge of hive inspection by Steve. Steve has led the previous hive inspections and decided it was time for Phil to get some practice.  Hive 1 on Phil's plot has been massively... Continue Reading →

Still waiting anxiously 

Today I pottered down to the allotment determined as ever to do lots of work. I failed as usual!  First job was to sort out the chickens in the main coop. Once all fed, watered and eggs collected, I left them to have a look at Polly. Today should be the day we have new... Continue Reading →

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