A mouse

I pottered down the allotment today with a list of things to do including to remove the wooden frame within the greenhouse. The chickens fed and one whopper egg collected (there were several smaller ones) I decided that the cleaning out of the coop could wait until another day. On my way out, I looked... Continue Reading →


A quick stroll

We ambled down at a leisurely hour this morning to feed the chickens and to have a look at our work from yesterday. Chickens were grumpy at being fed so late and made their objections loudly. We fed them, changed their water and cleared out the nest box and left them to it. We had... Continue Reading →

Man vs Greenhouse

Today was a very busy day down the allotment - we had to make the most of the rare sunshine before it pours with rain again! Whilst I ran to and from the allotment repeatedly as I kept forgetting to pick up key bits - an outdoor brush, rake, egg boxes, you name it! While... Continue Reading →

Melting in the heat

This morning I pottered down the allotment a bit earlier than normal with the aim of clearing the weeds once and for all. The sun was out and the weather warm before 10 am. By the time I had been there an hour it was boiling and I retreated to the bottom of the plot... Continue Reading →

Bogs and Bees

This morning we again pottered down to the allotment ready for a couple of hours work in the sunshine. Although the weather was finally clear, it will take several days of sunshine before the allotment stops being a bog and dries enough to properly dig over. Both of us got spectacularly stuck at various points... Continue Reading →

A full day’s labour

With my husband off work and me on Easter hols, we headed down to the allotment determined to make serious inroads into the plot. Whilst my husband did all the heavy digging - covering almost a third of the entire plot - I did my best to find th strawberry plants buried under several tons... Continue Reading →

Chasing Chickens!

Today we both headed down to the allotment to medicate the chickens - their legs have been showing signs of sore legs. Scaley leg is easy to treat using either vaseline to protect the leg from infection or, even better, sudacrem. The antibiotic nappy rash cream is brilliant for treating their legs with an added... Continue Reading →

Snow and mud

This morning I managed to get down to the allotment and made a start on all those jobs that I have been unable to do over the last three weeks. There are definitely signs of spring including the flowering of daffodils and other early flowers. Shame the temperature didn't match spring expectations! Chickens were grumpy... Continue Reading →

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