Sophie’s tree arrives!

Today I was down the allotment before 8am - definitely a new record! Helpfully, the delivery of the olive tree we are planning in our daughter's memory would arrive between 8am-8pm. I arrived armed with a food and drink ready to spend a good 12 hours down the allotment. Shed opened, chickens fed and a... Continue Reading →


The allotment goes bee-serk

Today I ambled down to the allotment determined to do something more productive than just feeding the chickens. I arrived to find the site busy, the warm sunny weather has brought everyone out. It was good to see Mick the Greek back after a short spell unwell in hospital. Chickens were fed and seem very... Continue Reading →

Chickens and Bees

Despite still dying of flu for the second week running, I managed to drag myself down to the allotment. Unusually for the UK, the weather is still good, a little cooler than last week but still lovely and sunny. Today, like an idiot, I decided it was the day to shift things around in the... Continue Reading →

Splitting the Hive

Today was the day for splitting the feisty hive on Phil's far plot. The build up was intense, everyone focused deeply the issue of putting down the main path.It was definitely a team effort with Neil and Steve taking the lead with Dave the Plod, Cliff and Will busy running back and forth to deliver... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the sunshine

Still bogged down with flu, I dragged myself down to get some fresh air. The sunshine finally has appeared and according to the Met Office, it will be here for the entire Bank Holiday weekend. I walked down to the chickens and was greeted by a chorus of disgust at the lateness of the hour.... Continue Reading →

Fruit Trees

I received a very exciting email this afternoon - I have found a nursery which is able to supply a Plymouth Pear tree! I emailed every fruit tree supplier in the UK who claim to specialise in traditional or rare fruit trees and eventually, after many failed attempts, I have found somewhere that has a... Continue Reading →

RIP Crackle 

Sadly on Wednesday morning I discovered Crackle had died and was lying in the nest box. We have no ideally she died, she looked well the day before. I buried her in the wildlife area and sadly made my way to work

A productive Saturday

This morning after the compulsory Saturday morning lie-in, I went down to the allotment. The unrelenting rain yesterday worried me as our plot has been more of a bog than plot after rain the last few months. People on site have taken to suggesting we have our own pre-made paddy field. Happily, apart from a... Continue Reading →

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