Reclaiming the plot!

After the rain that has plagued us the last few days, I managed to spend a good amount of time down the allotment on Friday.  My aim was to continue clearing the seemingly unending mass of weeds at the top of the plot. I cleared half before I got distracted by the strawberry bed which... Continue Reading →


Yet more progress!

Shocking though it is to believe, yet more progress has been made today! I went down a bit later than intended and got a resounding telling off from the chickens.  The chickens fed and watered, I set off determined to make inroads into the weeds. I managed to clear a good section of the bottom... Continue Reading →


Ambled down the allotment this morning to feed the chickens - Evie is still being grumpy and attempting to be broody. I am not convinced - she is a Warren and very old so it's unlikely she is actually broody. I plan to check with Geoff tomorrow about her. I have also begun to clear... Continue Reading →

What’s happened to Molly?

Ambled down late to the allotment this morning to sort out the chickens and in theory to do some weeding... You can guess what happened about the weeding. I quickly fed the chickens and checked on the mite situation - fairly under control but more dusting needed. So I left them to their food and... Continue Reading →

First hive check

On first glance, this seems a silly title for this post. Anyone who has been following this blog will know the hives have been on site for over a month and I have been regularly helping with the weekly hive inspections. But today was different.  Today I did the hive check! Well, not all of... Continue Reading →

Back with a bang!

After a manic two weeks at work, we are finally within shouting distance of the end of term. This means freedom and lots of time to spend down the allotment to make up for abandoning it these last couple of weeks.  This morning, not only did I feed the chickens, but I have tried a... Continue Reading →

Chicks Day 3

Two balls of fluffy cuteness! Mum is still very protective but the chicks seems to be exploring their enclosure more today. I didn't stay too long but you could just spend hours watching them both!

Chicks Day 2

So my husband went down to feed the chickens this morning while I was at work and managed to get photographic evidence of both Molly's chicks! So there are definitely two! It's not brilliant to get only 2 from 12 eggs but everyone has struggled to hatch eggs this year for some reason. Molly is... Continue Reading →

Many great works 

A massive day of works at the allotment today! We went down fairly early, determined to make serious inroads into the weeds and to sort out the mite problem plaguing the coop. Whilst the hubby fed the chickens (a difficult task when they always get under your feet and try to climb into the food... Continue Reading →

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