Plants, plants everywhere 

Today I spent most of the day toiling under a strange meteorological phenomenon - sunshine. It was baking hot and after 4 hours, I beat a hasty retreat back home to sit in front of the fan. Chickens and quail fed and watered first and I spent some time watching Doris. She is able to... Continue Reading →


Onward, ever onward

Spent a few hours down the allotment yesterday trying to clear some of the weeds. It wasn't particularly successful due to the hardness of the soil, making full root extraction nearly impossible. Hopefully it will rain soon otherwise we are going to struggle! Doris wasn't looking too good so I asked Cliff the Vet to... Continue Reading →

A-buzz with excitement 

A rather momentous event happened yesterday morning on site - after months of waiting, the bees have arrived! Phil and Steve have been attending a bee keeping course and have mentors to help them if they are unsure - Bee keeping seems to be rather complex! Steve has built two hives and they look really... Continue Reading →

Work commences 

All of yesterday was spent down the allotment, trying to undo two weeks of neglect.  Chickens fed although Polly decided she would refuse to move from the nest box where she has taken up residence. If she is still there this morning, we may have a broody Polly on our hands! In which case, we... Continue Reading →

Thrive not survive

Pottered back down the allotment this morning expecting to be greeted with a graveyard of dead plants in the greenhouse and a wilderness on the plot. Well, I was half right.... Due to the appalling heat, I beat a hasty retreat and returned in the afternoon once the blazing fire on the sky disappeared. I... Continue Reading →


So just before we disappear off to Greece on holiday for a couple of weeks, I thought we had better do some potting on to save the plants that have managed to survive my almost continual lack of care! On the way back from work, we swung by Morrisons to pick up some compost and,... Continue Reading →

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