Progress continues 

Popped down to the allotment in the freezing cold to see how flooded our plot was.  Fairly soggy with small puddles. Too wet to dig so I collected eggs from the coop and said hello to the chickens.   The Community Garden continues at a rapid pace with Steve and Andrea busy sorting out the... Continue Reading →


Community Garden advances

Today we pottered down to feed the chickens to find our old bottom plot a hive of activity!  In the last week they have hired a digger, cleared the soil and levelled it as well as digging a deep trench at one end to make a bank. The trench is being filled with cages of... Continue Reading →

A peaceful afternoon 

After work this afternoon,  I took advantage of the glorious sunshine, and pottered down to the allotment.  I finished clearing the strawberry bed of weeds (I swear there are more weeds than soil in the raise bed!). As I was finishing,  a lovely newbie to the site offered me a bucketful of new strawberry plants!... Continue Reading →

Making progress 

Today we went down the allotment to do more much needed digging and cleaning out of the coop. Sadly the ground is still sodden so my other half heroically carried on digging over the plot whilst I sorted out the chickens. They were due for their monthly full clean out and I busied myself with... Continue Reading →

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