Death to grass!

This evening, I again snuck out of the house and of baby bedtime to do some serious allotment work. As ever, my trusty side-kick Fiona joined me after work. We decided to go all out to tackle the massive grass patch which after spending three hours on, is now called "B*****d grass!". Fiona worked like... Continue Reading →


An afternoon of freedom 

Yesterday afternoon, having successfully fobbed off small hungry baby on my long suffering husband, I made a successful dash to the allotment. Upon arriving I saw this. I did rather a double take and then burst out laughing. I suspect Steve is behind this although I wouldn't put it past Phil... In the couple of... Continue Reading →

Starting anew

After days of rain and aborted attempts at getting down to the allotment, we finally managed it today!  I called Chris the Warden a couple of days ago to officially tell him that we were going to give up the bottom plot. I also bumped into the Allotment Chair Donna in the park after work... Continue Reading →

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