A good day to be a chicken

This morning, armed with good intentions, we all walked down to the allotment determined to make serious inroads into the mess in the centre of the top plot. Leaving a sleeping baby in the pram by the shed, my husband tackled the grass whilst I went up and down the top plot attempting to rid... Continue Reading →


A dash to the allotment

Yesterday while the long-suffering husband looked after the baby for an hour, I dashed off to the allotment to try and make progress on the grass patch in the middle of the top plot. I made some inroads but the going was slow and the root systems of the grass difficult to get out. Borrowed... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming the bottom plot

Today, in the glorious sunshine, we all went down to the allotment to tackle the bottom plot which is rapidly being overgrown by a never ending wall of weeds. Taking turns with the hot, grumpy baby, we managed to clear most of the weeds around the currant bushes and the husband tackled the mass of... Continue Reading →

New arrivals!

Geoff rang this morning to tell us that Emily who had been sitting on eggs for the past three weeks had hatched! She had been sitting on fifteen eggs and managed to stay on them until they  hatched. It was a great success that she hatched eight! So pleased that Emily has managed to hatch... Continue Reading →


With my husband working from home and being on standby for the baby, I managed to sneak out for an hour and a half to the allotment. I managed to dig in two rows of our main crop potatoes, three rows of onions, a row of turnips and a row of cabbage before succumbing to... Continue Reading →

Chicks, Strawberries and Weeds

Wandered down to the allotment today with the other half and a small, grumpy and very hot baby. In the short time we were down  there we collected a dozen eggs and checked the Warrens (Masie, Doris, Evie and Annie) whilst Emily continues to sit on eggs over on Chris' plot. According to him, there... Continue Reading →

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