A new pair of hands

Today was a momentous day - after nearly three weeks being unable to get down the allotment due to being in hospital for the best part of a week followed by twelve days stuck inside the house - we walked down to our plot to introduce our daughter to the delights of allotmenting! She slept... Continue Reading →


Annie is a strange chicken…

Went down in the pouring rain two days a ago to feed the girls to find six of them sensibly staying in the shed away from the elements until the last possible moment when they made a concerted dash for their food. Annie however, has decided to take a different approach. Stay out at all... Continue Reading →

Coop plans take a step forward

Arrived down the allotment this morning to find Andrea (the landscape gardener) on site so I grabbed her quickly about our plans for the new chicken shed and base. Fortunately she is able to do it but probably not until February as she is fully booked. We can easily make sure the chickens are sorted... Continue Reading →

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