Egg production recommences!

So it appears that the chickens may be listening to my grumbling at the lack of eggs over the last month and have started to lay. Only one today and one yesterday but I hope this will carry on! The additional wooden planks which Geoff has put down have been invaluable as they cover the... Continue Reading →


Extracting chickens from the quagmire

Today I went down determined to rescue the chickens from the ever rising  wall of mud in the coop. I arrived down, complete with a lettuce as a peace offering to find Geoff had put down pallets to keep them off the mud. He has even moved the food bins onto a separate pallet to... Continue Reading →

Hoeing in the autumn sunshine

Glorious autumnal weather has at last arrived with the start of November! The sun was out fully although the nip in the air reminds us that winter is approaching fast. Making full use of the wonderful weather, we walked down to the allotment determined to fully hoe the top plot as well as attending our... Continue Reading →

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