Concerning chickens

It has been a fairly slow couple of weeks down the allotment - work has been busy and the weather progressively getting worse have combined to minimise clearing and sorting of the allotment for a while. The last couple of days I have dashed to feed the chickens in the rain and have noticed that... Continue Reading →


Glorious autumn sunshine

After dashing out to feed the chickens in the dark yesterday morning before work, the walk to the allotment in the warm autumn sunshine with a hint of a cool breeze was just what was called for. As I was waiting for the boiler man to come and fix our leaking boiler, I decided that... Continue Reading →

Weed decimation continued

Today we ambled down late to the allotment to be met by indignant chickens demanding to be fed the second they spied us walking down the path. Honestly, to hear them, you would think they had never been fed! We fed them before checking them for mites and dusting them with mite powder. I have... Continue Reading →

Why won’t these weeds die?!

Pootled down to the allotment this morning dragging the other half with me. I was worried that we may find ourselves with fewer chickens than yesterday - luckily the remaining seven were alive, kicking and extremely hungry. Whilst the other half cleaned out the coop and looked in vain for eggs (they really are a... Continue Reading →

R.I.P Lottie

Today when I went down the allotment I was greeted with sad news. I was a little later than usual (the joys of endless medical appointments) to find Phil on his way back home. He told me that he arrived on site this morning to find Lottie's body in the coop. Fortunately he had already... Continue Reading →

A sunny October day

Both of us went down to the allotment this morning determined to sort out the mite issue for once and for all. We fed the chickens and whilst they were distracted with food, we blocked their entrance to the shed as the chemicals in the anti-mite spray are not ideal for chickens to breathe in.... Continue Reading →

A review

It is almost a year since we took on our second plot and so much has changed! Below are the photos of the plot when we took it over at the end of September 2014 - it wasn't pretty! We have removed masses of rubbish from the plot including a gun case, pigeon carriers and... Continue Reading →

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