Last minute clearing…

So today marked the last day to clear the plots before the yearly inspection by the committee. I have managed to completely clear the top plot and about half of the bottom plot. I gave up at about 14:30 exhausted, I had cleared the raspberry bed  entirely, leaving only a small section at the back... Continue Reading →


Onward, ever onward…

A lazy start to today meant I arrived down on site at a leisurely 10:30 am, in time to feed the chickens. They are up to their usual tricks, pretending they never get fed, let alone have ever received the many treats I feed them on an almost daily basis (sunflower seeds, split corn, masses... Continue Reading →

Many hands make light work

After making minimal progress with the weeds yesterday, I headed out early determined to clear the middle section of the main plot. A few hours later, my husband and his friend appeared to help with the masses of weeds inhabiting the bottom plot. The doc plants which grow profusely in that plot have enormously deep... Continue Reading →

A thief in the night…

Up at the crack of dawn this morning to say goodbye to my allotment buddy Fiona. It seems that a week can go past very fast! Upon leaving the house, I stopped outside the door and looked for my allotment shoes - a mud-caked pair of semi-walking boots complete with holes in the soles. They... Continue Reading →

Glass transportation and weeding

Yesterday was a momentous day - we took the final load of glass from Nantwich to the allotment (teeth gritted every time we went over a slight bump in the road). We dumped off the glass before heading home for lunch and planning our afternoon campaign on the unending weeds. After lunch we decided to... Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Deconstruction Day 2

After being rained off yesterday ,we drove back to Nantwich to finish removing the glass, deconstruct the greenhouse frame and transport it all back to the allotment. We have managed to rope in Geoff to help transport the large parts of the frame back as Fiona's car isn't big enough to squeeze the frame in.... Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Deconstruction Day 1

Armed with only a small tool kit, wild amounts of optimism and a complete lack of knowledge about dismantling greenhouses we set off for Nantwich ready to start work. We arrived and sorted out our plan of action - we decided to start with the roof (the top part before working down to the base... Continue Reading →

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