Miracles can (and do) happen!

We arrived back from our holiday expecting to find our plots waist deep in weeds and the coop extension still to do. Instead we arrived back to some weeds, but nowhere near as bad as I thought - it appears the unending rain has been so unrelenting that the weeds didn't have much of a... Continue Reading →


Rat catching and planning permission

Determined to make progress at the allotment today, I arrived early. I fed the chickens, much to their delight, and the ever greedy quail. It turns out the rat problem continueth - I spotted two large ones in the coop this morning and Cliff spied another couple yesterday. Always reliable Geoff and Cliff moved the... Continue Reading →

Plodding onwards

Today I cleared a good section of the bottom plot ready for the planting of the blueberry bushes I bought a couple of weeks ago. Chicks continue to do well, although one is looking increasingly like a cockerel. We have agreed with Cliff who has also got new chicks that if our chick turns out... Continue Reading →

Many hands make light work

Yesterday, with the sky looking like it might go a full hour without raining, I set off to the allotment determined to make inroads into the ever expanding weed collection in the bottom plot. After 2 hours of socialising and drinking fizzy pop with Geoff, Dave and Cliff, I decided I would pop home for... Continue Reading →

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