Catching up!

The last few days have seen major works at the allotment - we have dug over 2/3 of the top plot, clearing away masses of weeds and grass. This was then followed by extensive planting of beans (3 different varieties), purple sprouting broccoli, squash and pumpkins. The leeks are still growing well so we will... Continue Reading →


Four funerals and a potato

Sad news from the allotment this week. Emily's chicks were due to hatch on Thursday and I rushed back from work to find she had left the nest and the eggs were cold. We lost 4 beautiful chicks, who appeared to be healthy and only a few hours from being born. Our disappointment was compounded... Continue Reading →

Emily 1 : Owners 0

So it appears Emily has won the battle about where to hatch her eggs. She loathed the hutch we bought and flew back to the top of the nest box in he coop. She is sitting on 9 eggs - apparently chickens don't like sitting on an even number - 6 vorwerk eggs and 3... Continue Reading →

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