Shiny like new!

Today I pottered into town armed with my debit card and entirely unsupervised (husband off gallivanting in London for the weekend)! The Allotment Federation had arranged a seed sale in a local clubhouse. The sale boasted 80 different types of potato as well as a wide selection of fruit trees, fruit bushes and seed packets... Continue Reading →


5 tonnes of manure…

Another full day at the allotment, working on getting the ground prepared for planting in a few weeks time. Fed the chickens and quails - the quails are still very unsure about me putting my hands in their cage to feed them. But I imagine they will get more friendly with time. They make a... Continue Reading →

Manure, Mulch and Moving!

Today was another momentous day at the allotment! First I went to feed the chickens and check they were all present and correct. Those that have been moulting have their new feathers, all except Maggie, and their feet look much better now they aren't caked in mud. Four eggs today so we are getting back... Continue Reading →

We dig, dig, dig…

We pottered down to the allotment to do some digging. The soil desperately needs to be broken up ready for the new growing season. We dug over half of the top plot and got rid of the left over veg left in the soil from last year. We also added some new mulch to the... Continue Reading →

Mulch and catching Thumper!

We arrived down the allotment this morning hoping that our delivery of manure had arrived. It hadn't. But a whole trailer of mulched leaves had been dumped on the car park, free for them as wants. We borrowed two wheelbarrows and started to cart it back to our plot and deposit it in the coop.... Continue Reading →

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