Christmas at the allotment

This morning I pottered down to give the chickens their morning food, the sun was out and there might have been a hint of a rainbow between the blue sky and black thunderous clouds over Henry Street. All eight girls were there - since the fox attack we have been endlessly checking all of them... Continue Reading →


Fox saga continues….

As we checked the girls this evening, we met Cliff in considerable distress about the fox attack. It turns out that Young Steve across the other side of the allotment has lost 8 of 9 chickens to the fox. The remaining one had legged it out of its enclosure and was wondering free across the... Continue Reading →


Went down to the allotment this morning v dreading what I might find. Would my makeshift baracade have stopped Mr Fox from getting in? On arrival, I counted 6 chickens, went into the coop and couldn't find number 7. Panic. Went back outside to find all 7 looking at me begging for food. Four eggs... Continue Reading →

RIP Betty

Yesterday we were rather concerned about two of our girls. Lottie seems to have lost an unseemly amount of feathers and was sneezing often. We got Chris the Warden to look at her and he said she was fine - the reason why she was so bald is that her new feathers hadn't fully grown... Continue Reading →

An unexpected afternoon

Today marked the Christmas celebrations at work which meant a glorious lunchtime finish! After a meal out with friends from work, I ambled home. Inevitability, I ended up at the allotment... Odd how that always seems to happen... I sorted out the chickens with food for their indoor feeder, turned over the soil (desperately needed... Continue Reading →

Winter at the allotment

So it has been a good while since my last post. This is for several reasons! First, it turns out that there really is very little to do in November and December on site (I rather suspect this will also be true for January and February). Most sensible people leg it onto site, cowering under... Continue Reading →

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