Chicken care and preparing pheasants

Off to the allotment to sort out the chickens this morning to find Betty in a bit of a state. One of her eyes which has a slight infection seem to have got worse. The poor bird has a growth on her bottom eyelid and it must limit her vision considerably. I immediately called Chris... Continue Reading →


Chickens vs 3 Humans – the match everyone wanted a ticket for!

Yesterday I had a study day, meaning the alarm clock didn't go off at 06:30 am, bliss! After a few hours swearing at an assignment, I decided to pootle off to the allotment to get some fresh air, feed the chickens and get away from my laptop screen. I arrived, said hello to the others... Continue Reading →

An assault course for chickens

This morning after running a few errands in town (picking up new storage pots for our homemade yogurt, a travel book on Scandinavia and some greens for the chickens) I pottered to the allotment. This past week I have been feeding them in the dark, much to their disapproval. Seeing their coop in daylight for... Continue Reading →

A lack of common sense

Today I popped down to the allotment to clear out the bedding in the nest box as well as feeding the chickens. The increase in mess left by 8 chickens rather than 5 means the bedding will need to be changed more often. The ground is very wet so there was no point putting out... Continue Reading →

All eggs big and small

This evening, I went to feed the chickens in the dark. As with any task involving multiple boxes, unlocking padlocks and juggling water bottles, empty egg boxes and allotment keys, it took longer than it should. Add in the dark and you have a recipe for chicken feeding taking a good half hour! I got... Continue Reading →

Dusk at the allotment

Yesterday I popped down to the allotment to feed the chickens. It was about an hour or so earlier than I usually feed them when at work but with the clocks going back last week, it was getting dark quickly. When I got there 7 of them were out waiting whilst Peggie had clearly decided... Continue Reading →

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