Pantry Phase 1

We commenced our first phase of creating our pantry today. Our enormous freezer until has arrived and we finally have proper space for all our produce. Before this we had to cram our poor fridge-freezer unit with produce, meaning we couldn't fit anything else in it! So the new freezer, which has five drawers, is... Continue Reading →


Vaseline, Chickens and Rats

Today we popped over to feed the chickens as normal but ended up having a rather interesting visit. First, my other half picked up Doris for a cuddle. We had a check of her feathers and wings, then by the off chance we looked at her feet. One of the scales on her foot looked... Continue Reading →

Chicken Run

Walked over to the allotment this morning to feed the chickens and planning to plant some bulbs ready for spring. Whilst we were feeding the chickens, and laying down grass cuttings from our back garden to rummage through, we checked the under the wings of Peggie for mites. Mites are nasty and lodge under the... Continue Reading →

A pondering on Bees

It has crossed my mind that keeping bees and having fresh honey would be fun - and have the added bonus of a plentiful supply of bees to pollinate our vegetables. Question is, to Bee or not to Bee? Having spent about an hour researching beekeeping, it looks complicated and the possibility of getting stung... Continue Reading →

Construction commences!

Pottered down to the allotment this morning and after sorting out the chickens (4 eggs today!), we found a trailer load of manure had appeared on site. Wasting no time, we grabbed 8 bags and spread it over the old plot - hopefully the worms will help spread it through the soil. It was fantastic... Continue Reading →

Storm at the allotment

There are times when dragging yourself to the allotment is difficult, especially if you have got soaked to the skin on the way back from work, change into dry clothes and realise you about to get a second dowsing on your way to feed the chickens. Eugh. By the time I got to the allotment,... Continue Reading →

Evening pondering

After work I popped down to the allotment to feed the chickens. As often happens, I planned to go down for a few minutes and ended up staying an hour. I gave the chickens a huge amount of new green vegetation for them to rummage through, threw them some food and got them new water.... Continue Reading →


This morning we pottered off to the allotment determined to continue with the momentum we had yesterday. We have completely dismantled the fruit cage area and have dug over most of it - although we can't fully dog it over as the raspberry plants aren't ready for moving yet. It also looks like the black... Continue Reading →

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