The hives are a-buzz!

Popped down to help Steve check the hives today as Phil has sadly done his back quite badly and isn't able to come down.  I was on secretary duty to record how the hive was working. Carefully,  Steve dismantled the hive, checking for brood frames (new eggs and larvae kept here!). There were significantly more... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous combustion 

The heat is unbearable at the moment - the plants are not the only ones wilting in the punishing heat! I should add that heat waves in the UK are not actually that hot (mid-high 20's) but the humidity that comes with it is stifling.  We fed the chickens this morning, making it vitally important... Continue Reading →

Plodding on…

Yesterday we went down to the allotment to keep checking on Polly and Molly as well as water the plants in the greenhouse - we didn't do much else so here are some photos to enjoy instead. 

An afternoon in the sunshine 

This afternoon, after escaping from work, we pottered down to the allotment. Today's aim was to plant out some of the jungle currently residing in the greenhouse.  I had a quick check of Cliff's chicks who are growing rapidly. It was difficult to get a good look at them as Mum was very protective. We... Continue Reading →

Die weeds die!

On Sunday, we went to the allotment to feed the chickens, check on our two broody chickens and to clear some of the weeds that insist on growing in our plot. The chickens were happy to see us (or pretended to in order to get food) and they are back to laying in the small... Continue Reading →

Yet more eggs…

On Friday, I picked up the Welsummer eggs we ordered from the post office! We now have to wait 24 hours for the eggs to rest before putting them under Molly. Yesterday,  Geoff put the eggs under Molly, and managed almost the entire exchange of old hoarded eggs for the new ones without Molly going... Continue Reading →


Popped down to the allotment after a long day at work to check on the chickens - especially Polly and Molly! Both broody chickens are stubbornly sat on eggs with an attitude modelled on a combination of Hilter, Trump and the ex-President of Gambia, Jamaeh. I dread having to move Molly tomorrow but it has... Continue Reading →

Give me hive!

Today was the first check of the new Bee hives on site. I have decided to do separate posts for the bees as this is different from my usual posts about chickens and the unending war on weeds.  The bees have been on site for a week and appeared be flying in and out of... Continue Reading →

And then there were six…

Pottered down to the allotment today to sort out some weeds and to water the greenhouse plants. I also needed to check on Doris as she wasn't looking good yesterday. There she was in the nest box, but she had passed away overnight. Poor Doris. She was the last of our original Warrens and has... Continue Reading →

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